How close is the Mailing Avenue StageWorks to downtown? The property is approximately 2 miles from the center of downtown Atlanta.

How close is Mailing Avenue StageWorks to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport? Approximately 5 miles

Are there any restaurants nearby? Click here for a map of amenities surrounding the StageWorks


How large is the stage area and how much is column free? The stage is 38,000 sq. ft. total with an 80’ x 120’ column free area


What is the column spacing in the other parts of the stage? The building has a wide column spacing pattern of 40’x 40’. The entire warehouse space has only 14 columns in it.

How high is the ceiling in the stage area? 31 feet

What type of loading is available to access the stage area? There are (3) 14’x12’ Drive In Doors and (2) 8’x10’ Dock High Doors servicing the stage area. In addition, a cinder block wall could be removed providing additional access from the two dock high loading doors that serve the mill shop area.

Is the stage area sound proof? The stage features a rubber membrane roof with 3.5 inches of Icyene of insulation with a black ignition barrier, Hog’s hair.


What are the ceiling loads?
A. Dead Loads: 10lbs per square foot covering the existing roof system and support beam.
B. Live Loads: 20lbs per square foot which covers anything else placed on the roof and hung from it such as lights and equipment.


How big is the parking lot? Are other lots available to rent in close proximity?

Property sits on 4.6 acres with two adjacent lots that are available for short term lease. The lot sizes are 1 acre and 4 acres.


The general office, stage office and flex space are air conditioned. The warehouse is prepped to receive returns and supplies for the productions portable HVAC units.


Is there a space for Mill Shop, Set Dec, Storage, etc?

There is a 10,000 sq. ft. mill shop with ample power and 3 bus extenders that distribute power throughout the mill shop. Additionally, there is a 7800 sq. ft. air conditioned flex space for wardrobe, set deck, etc.

What type of loading is available to access the set dec area?

(2) 8’x10’ Dock High Doors currently serve the set dec area. There is also the potential to install roll-up doors in the opening that previously had doors in them.

How is the set dec/set storage connected to the stage area?

There are two large roll up doors that currently connect the set dec and stage. In addition, tenants could elect to remove the cinder block that separates the dock doors serving the set dec and the docks doors serving the stage.

Is there an area for Laundry?
Yes there are two room perfectly suited for laundry hook ups. Currently the room contains a large slop sink and stainless steel countertop areas.

Is there space for a commissary?
We have 3 break rooms in addition to 7800 sq. ft. of flex space that may be used for catering.

What is the Power at the property? 3200 Amps

What is the connectivity for internet and phones? Fiber optic connectivity will be handled through Exchange Communications. Tenants with lower bandwidth needs will always have the option of electing to use AT&T or Comcast as an alternate provider. Exchange can handle all telephone equipment needs as well. A dedicated fiber line is being brought to the building. Initial bandwidth will be 10 up and 10 down but can be easily increased to 100 up / 100 down for onsite editing capability. Entire building has WIFI.

How is HVAC handled? The general office, stage office and flex space are air conditioned. The warehouse is prepped to receive returns and supplies for the productions portable HVAC units.

Are there any restrictions on using outside vendors for lighting, grips, HVAC or other rentals? Mailing Avenue StageWorks is neutral with regard to outside vendors. Tenants are free to use any properly insured vendor of their choice. The only exception is the fiber optic ring to the building shall be controlled by Exchange Communications (in conjunction with One Ring). Tenants who do not want to use this fiber optic will have the ability to use Comcast (cable) or AT&T (DSL).

How are utilities handled? Mailing Avenue StageWorks will keep all utilities in its name and bill the production accordingly. A utility deposit will be required upon moving in.

Are we pet friendly? Yes, we encourage pets in the workplace. There is also ample room behind the building for fenced dog run.

What type of fire suppression is in the Office/Flex/Mill Shop? The office, flex space and mill shop are all “sprinklered “ with traditional sprinkler heads that have a Sprinkler Active Temperature of 250 degrees and a Maximum Ceiling Temperature of 225 degrees.

What type of fire suppression is in the Stage? The Stage is also sprinkled . To accommodate the heat generated from filming, the sprinklers in that area have been replaced with Ultra High Temperature sprinkler heads (Activation Temperature of 500 degrees and Maximum Ceiling Temperature of 475 degrees.)

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